We offer translations in technical, scientific, medical and legal fields, in which precision, punctual delivery and competitive prices have always been our strong points.
Companies looking for technical translations particularly search for an accurate balance between quality, timely delivery and price.
Aware of such business needs, Traductions Rapides has always sought to satisfy its customers’ requirements in an everyday effort to help them achieve a greater communicative balance through language.
All our translations are carried out by native speaking translators and checked by a language reviser according to typical project flows pursuant to European standard EN 15038.

We also offer accurate layout and DTP services, as well as the creation of manuals.


    European languages:
    Estonian, Flemish, Finnish, English, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, German.

    Eastern European languages:
    Czech, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian.

    Oriental languages:
    Arabic, Chinese, Japanese.
    …as well as many other common and rare languages.

    Areas of specialisation

    • Agriculture
    • Food
    • Furniture/Decorating
    • Cosmetics
    • Economics
    • Electromechanics
    • Electronics
    • IT
    • Legal
    • Medicine
    • Mechanics
    • Scientific
    • Technical

    …and many other areas.